1. Assay and graphics Service: is provided a team of specialists to work assay and graphics and will be charged a small fee for that is the question about the receptionist and is deducted from the value of practical implementation.

  2. Home Delivery Service: If you need help in the delivery of your purchases to the house. We can do that for a reasonable fee. Ask the receptionist for fees and delivery dates. If the value of your purchases of furniture more than 10,000 pounds, you'll get FREE SHIPPING.

  3. Aggregation service: Our products are designed to be able to assembled yourself, but we can recommend the provision of service to assemble products Woody Mix in your home or office, and if the value of your purchases more than 7,000 pounds, you'll get a free assembly.

  4. Maintenance Service: available for all products and Woody Mix maintenance and spare parts consumed and delivered by the maintenance department headquarters to manage the maintenance of the Damietta branch.